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Burnout, by Sugarfree

August 10, 2016

Such a poignant love song. A relationship at a dead end. A firm desire to move forward together. And a promise to love beyond the burnout.

This song reached its radio peak when I was in highschool and back then I already recognized the aching plaintive melody (even if I couldn’t relate). When my former classmates played this at our 10 year highschool reunion two months ago, the song was instantly nostalgic, painful, beautiful but sad. By that time I had already been through enough relationships to recognize the weariness of relationship burnouts, but I was also intimately familiar with the need to love hard, love steadfast and continue to hold on.


O wag kang tumingin
Ng ganyan sa ‘kin
Wag mo akong kulitin
Wag mo akong tanungin

Don’t look at me like that
Don’t nag*
Don’t ask questions