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KAILAN by Smokey Mountain, MYMP

May 31, 2008

From my limited knowlege, this song is originally from that 80’s group Smokey Mountain,

According to Wikipedia (my trusted source hehe)

Smokey Mountain was a Filipino singing group formed by musical director, composer, and conductor Ryan Cayabyab. The original group was based in Manila, Philippines, and had James Coronel, Geneva Cruz, Jeffrey Hidalgo, and Tony Lambino as its members. The group’s first hit, Kailan (When), was number one on national airwaves for eight straight weeks and the album hit gold, platinum, and double-platinum status within months of its release.”

This song was recently revived by group MYMP. The general sweetness of the song made it a hit back then, and just as now. Sing it in every corner, and I’m sure somehow, somewhere someone would join you in duet, that’s how infectious it is. Trust me. I do it.

Aside from the catchy melody, the song is mostly about unrequited love. It’s about a girl who likes a guy she still doesn’t know the name of. It’s a song about introductions, and mostly young love. It brings to mind, highschool crushes and those innocent times when you put the picture of your love in your notebooks, bump into him in school hallways, and just wonder when when when will I finally meet him, or in Filipino, “Kailan?”


Bawat araw sinusundan //Every day I follow you
Di ka naman tumitingin //But you never look back
Anong aking dapat gawin? //What do I have to do?
Bakit kaya umiiwas? //Why do you avoid me?
Binti ko ba’y mayroong gasgas? //Does my leg have a scratch?
Nais ko lang magpakilala //I only want to introduce myself