Burnout, by Sugarfree

Such a poignant love song. A relationship at a dead end. A firm desire to move forward together. And a promise to love beyond the burnout.

This song reached its radio peak when I was in highschool and back then I already recognized the aching plaintive melody (even if I couldn’t relate). When my former classmates played this at our 10 year highschool reunion two months ago, the song was instantly nostalgic, painful, beautiful but sad. By that time I had already been through enough relationships to recognize the weariness of relationship burnouts, but I was also intimately familiar with the need to love hard, love steadfast and continue to hold on.


O wag kang tumingin
Ng ganyan sa ‘kin
Wag mo akong kulitin
Wag mo akong tanungin

Don’t look at me like that
Don’t nag*
Don’t ask questions

Dahil katulad mo
Ako rin ay nagbago
Di na tayo katulad ng dati
Kay bilis ng sandali

Because just like you, I also changed
We’re no longer like we were before
The moments passed by so swiftly

O kay tagal din kitang minahal

Oh I loved you for a long time

Kung iisipin mo
Di naman dati ganito
Teka muna teka lang
Kailan tayo nailang

When you think about it
Things weren’t like this before
Wait a minute, Wait
When did we become so awkward?

Kung iisipin mo
Di naman dati ganito
Kay bilis kasi ng buhay
Pati tayo natangay

When you think about
Things weren’t like this before
Maybe it’s because life moved so fast
Even the two of us got carried away

O kay tagal kitang minahal

Oh I loved you for a long time

Tinatawag kita
Sinusuyo kita
Di mo man marinig
Di mo man madama

I am calling you
I am wooing you
Even if you can’t hear it
Even if you can’t feel it

O kay tagal kitang mamahalin

Oh I will love you for a long time



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  1. Sharyn Tonozzi Says:

    Burnout, by Sugarfree | HIMSAL Filipino Song Translation

    […]My visitor blogging over the subsequent few weeks will deal with this 21 marketing campaign – particularly, the methods, thought processes, and mindsets I learn to help me break my sugar habit once and for all.[…]

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