Pangako, by Side A

I noticed that it’s been six years since I last updated this site. A lot has happened in the interim, but I’m back. Why? I’ve been browsing a couple of videos on youtube lately… and just a while ago I noticed a user translating this song. My song. One of my favorite songs since elementary. The song I’ve memorized even before I understood words and even before it became meaningful for me. And I realized! Hey! I used to have this relatively popular song translation site. And, all modesty aside, I think I can do better (Hah!)

One thing I struggled though with translating Filipino songs is that our songs have such beautiful melodies but relatively simpler phrasings (as opposed to French or even Japanese songs which are quite dense with verbal imagery). It doesn’t mean that I think OUR songs are inferior. I just have this feeling, that the words in Filipino songs are meant to convey a lifetime of meaning in between the lines. Or maybe our words are just sooo freaking looong. (pangako – promise 3 syllables¬† vis-a-vis just 2 for English). Well enough talk, here’s my comeback entry! Enjoy.



Ngayon, tulad ng kahapon // Today, just like yesterday
Unti-unting lumilipas ang panahon //Time slowly slips away
Bakit, tanong sa aking isip // Why, I asked myself
Hanggang kailan ang pagtitiis? // How long must I endure?

Ika’y nalayo // You went away
Lumayo na wala sa piling ko // Away from my side

(Ngunit) Di magbabago ang aking puso // (But) My heart won’t change
Noon, ngayon, bukas, ito ay pangako// Yesterday, today and tomorrow, this is my Promise
Pag-ibig ko sa ‘yo’y walang hanggan // My love for you has no end
Noon, kay saya natin //Before, we were so happy
Ikot ng mundo’y hindi napapansin // that we didn’t notice the world revolving
Bakit kailangan pang mangyari// Why did it happen?
Damdamin ko sa ‘yo’y nilimot mo// You forgot what I felt for you

Ika’y nalayo // You went away
Lumayo na wala sa piling ko // Away from my side


Maghihintay sa yong pagbabalik //I will wait for your return
Bukas ang aking puso //My heart remains open
Ang nakaraa’y nilimot ko na // I have forgotten the past
(Ngayon, tulad ng kahapon) // Today, just like yesterday
Ang pag-ibig ko sa ‘yo’y walang hanggan //My love for you has no end
(Ito ay pangako) // This is a promise


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