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Bukas na lang kita mamahalin, by Lani Misalucha

August 11, 2016

My brother loves this song. We have this thing in our house where my brother would discover a song, like the song and end up replaying a song 100 times in a day (kinda like the time we watched A Walk to Remember 20 times in a month). Anyway I distinctly remember a summer weekend where this song played nonstop and I’d end up humming it nonstop even when I commuted to school (LSS much). Anyway, enjoy!

Oh and apparently this was a theme song for a 2013 teleserye of the same name starring Gerald Anderson and my ultimate Pinoy girl-crush Dawn Zulueta (RICHARDxDAWNOTP4LYF!!). Haha gosh! I’m so out of loop with modern pop culture.

Kay hirap palang umibig sa di tamang panahon
Kung bakit ngayon ko lang natagpuan ang isang katulad mo
Sana noon pa kita nakilala
Sana noon pa lang na ang puso ay malaya pang magmahal

I realize that it’s hard to love at the wrong time
Why did I just discover someone like you?
I wish I met you before
I wish it was before when the heart was still free to love

Bukas nalang kita mamahalin
Sabay sa paglaya ng ating mga puso
Bukas na lang kita mamahalin

I will just love you tomorrow
At the same time when our hearts have been freed
I will just love you tomorrow



Burnout, by Sugarfree

August 10, 2016

Such a poignant love song. A relationship at a dead end. A firm desire to move forward together. And a promise to love beyond the burnout.

This song reached its radio peak when I was in highschool and back then I already recognized the aching plaintive melody (even if I couldn’t relate). When my former classmates played this at our 10 year highschool reunion two months ago, the song was instantly nostalgic, painful, beautiful but sad. By that time I had already been through enough relationships to recognize the weariness of relationship burnouts, but I was also intimately familiar with the need to love hard, love steadfast and continue to hold on.


O wag kang tumingin
Ng ganyan sa ‘kin
Wag mo akong kulitin
Wag mo akong tanungin

Don’t look at me like that
Don’t nag*
Don’t ask questions


Bato sa Buhangin, by Cinderella

August 9, 2016

I apologize for the inconsistent format of translations. I find that for some songs, it’s easier to convey the full meaning line by line, and for some easier to translate the lines as a complete sentence.

Trivia: This next Karaoke favorite was composed by National Artist for Music Ernani Cuenco–the same genius behind the timeless kundiman “Gaano kita Kamahal, and other gems like “Inang bayan,” and “Kalesa.” AMAAAAAZING! Anyway I love this song. It’s sooo painfully beautifully sad. Enjoy!

Kapag ang puso’y natutong magmahal //When a heart has learned to love
Bawat tibok ay may kulay at buhay //Every pulse has color and life
Ngunit kung ang pagsuyo’y lilipas din // But if affection will eventually fade
Bagay kaya ang bato sa buhangin?//Does a rock fit amongst sand?


Tuloy Pa Rin, by Neocolours

August 9, 2016

This lovely 90s song from Neocolours is experiencing a resurgence (1 M spotify views) after a recent McDonalds commercial featured an updated cover. For my part, I have always loved this song and particularly enjoy the original 90s radio hit. Enjoy!


Sa wari ko’y
Lumipas na ang kadiliman ng araw
Dahan-dahan pang gumigising
At ngayo’y babawi na

It seems that the darkness of the day has passed
I’m slowly waking up and now recovering


Pangako, by Side A

August 9, 2016

I noticed that it’s been six years since I last updated this site. A lot has happened in the interim, but I’m back. Why? I’ve been browsing a couple of videos on youtube lately… and just a while ago I noticed a user translating this song. My song. One of my favorite songs since elementary. The song I’ve memorized even before I understood words and even before it became meaningful for me. And I realized! Hey! I used to have this relatively popular song translation site. And, all modesty aside, I think I can do better (Hah!)

One thing I struggled though with translating Filipino songs is that our songs have such beautiful melodies but relatively simpler phrasings (as opposed to French or even Japanese songs which are quite dense with verbal imagery). It doesn’t mean that I think OUR songs are inferior. I just have this feeling, that the words in Filipino songs are meant to convey a lifetime of meaning in between the lines. Or maybe our words are just sooo freaking looong. (pangako – promise 3 syllables¬† vis-a-vis just 2 for English). Well enough talk, here’s my comeback entry! Enjoy.



Ngayon, tulad ng kahapon // Today, just like yesterday
Unti-unting lumilipas ang panahon //Time slowly slips away
Bakit, tanong sa aking isip // Why, I asked myself
Hanggang kailan ang pagtitiis? // How long must I endure?