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Song Trivia

November 13, 2008

It’s wonderful when your website reader comments, but even more brilliant when they offer noteworthy trivia! :)This trivia comes from my wonderful reader GOLD who answered my age-old question, What the fuck does Spolarium mean?

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Gold Says:
November 13, 2008 at 9:40 pm edit

If you wanna know what this song actually means, I could share it with you. Professors here in the University of the Philippines know about it and they share it in class whenever the song comes in discussions. It is actually the story of the rape victim Pepsi who were allegedly raped by Vic, Joey, and someone –I forgot the name. She was made to drink too much by the three (this is described in the first 3 stanzas of the song) and when she was unconscious, they raped her. Pepsi died when she was about to cry out for justice. There were rumors that Pepsi did not commit suicide but she was killed to stop her from testifying in court. So after knowing that, the song is pretty much direct except for some parts like “itigil muna ang pag-ikot ng mundo”. We can interpret this part differently. It can mean that the victim wanted her oppressors to stop their manipulations or she was just too tired of everything that’s happening that she wanted the world to just stop.

Pepsi was not able to receive justice. Until now, there is no closure to her case. And whether Vic and Joey were guilty, no one can prove it.

I assume Ely Buendia, who wrote the song, learned about Pepsi’s misery when he was still in the university. Maybe for him, even if Pepsi was not able to testify, the song would speak out the truth.