Spolarium, by Eraserheads

This song written and first performed by the Eraserheads is one of those melodies meant to be heard and misunderstood. It’s vague words, allusions to general trivia (confusing to me at least becauseI was just a tot when it came out), and general drunken quality can be attributed to the fact that this song does involve beer—lots of it. Nevertheless, it displays Eraserheads timeless ability to capture moments of one;s life and frame it in the awesomest manner. I love this song. It’s pretty obvious. And not to mention that out of all songs covered by recent artists, the one made by Imago comes out as a crowd favorite.


written and performed by: Eraserheads


dumilim ang paligid //The surroundings dimmed
may tumawag sa pangalan ko//Someone called my name
labing isang palapag //Eleven floors
tinanong kung okay lang ako // and asked if I was okay
sabay abot ng baso //while handing me a glass
may naghihintay //someone’s waiting
at bakit ba pag nagsawa na ako // and why is it when I’ve had enough
biglang ayoko na //suddenly I don’t want it anymore

at ngayon di pa rin alam //and now, I still have no idea
kung ba’t tayo nandito //why we are here
pwede bang itigil muna //can we please just stop
ang pagikot ng mundo //the earth from revolving

lumiwanag ang buwan //The moon shone
san juan** // San Juan
di ko na masasakyan //I’ll never be riding it.
ang lahat ng bagay ay gumuguhit*** .
na lang saking lalamunan //Everthing is just drawing a line/trailing across my throat
ewan mo at ewan natin //You don’t know and we don’t know
sinong may pakana // who’s to blame
at bakit ba tumilapon ang
gintong alak dyan sa paligid mo //and why did the golden beer spill all around you.

at ngayon di pa rin alam //and now I still have no idea
kung ba’t tayo nandito //why we are here
pwede bang itigil muna //can we please stop just for now
ang pagikot ng mundo //the world from revolving

umiyak ang umaga //the morning cried
anong sinulat ni enteng at joey**** dyan //what did enteng and joey write
sa gintong salamin //in the golden mirror
di ko na mabasa //I can’t read anymore
pagkat merong nagbura ahhh… //cause someone erased it ahh…

ewan mo at ewan natin // You don’t know and we don’t know
sinong may pakana //who is to blame
at bakit ba tumilapon ang spoliarium
dyan sa paligid mo //why did the spolarium spill all around you?

at ngayon di pa rin alam //and now I still have no idea
kung bakit tayo nandito //why we are here
pwede bang itigil muna //can we just stop it for now
ang pagikot ng mundo //the world from revolving
pwede bang itigil muna //can we stop it for now
ang pagikot ng mundo //the world from revolving
pwede bang itigil muna //can we stop it for now
ang pagikot nga mundo //the world from revolving


*Spolarium– refers to a 19th century painting by Juan Luna, depicting a scene in the Coliseum with the soldiers dragging out the corpses of gladiators (it supposedly alludes to the oppression of natives during the Spanish period). As to it’s relation to the song. I HAVE NO IDEA.

**San Juan –another one of those things I don’t understand. It might refer to a place and because of their drunken binge, a jeepney (a public vehicle) route which he/she can’t ride anymore

***gumuguhit –this refers to that sharp, acidic line which a strong alcohol trails across the throat.

****enteng and joey– refers to Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon, respectively. They are two famous comedic icons in Philippine entertainment scene, or more appropriate mass culture. They also write and sing songs in their heydays.

And once again, I repeat. As to their relation to the songs, I’m still in the process of deciphering it. IN short. Ewan ko. I HAVE NO IDEA

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58 Responses to “Spolarium, by Eraserheads”

  1. Gold Says:

    If you wanna know what this song actually means, I could share it with you. Professors here in the University of the Philippines know about it and they share it in class whenever the song comes in discussions. It is actually the story of the rape victim Pepsi who were allegedly raped by Vic, Joey, and someone –I forgot the name. She was made to drink too much by the three (this is described in the first 3 stanzas of the song) and when she was unconscious, they raped her. Pepsi died when she was about to cry out for justice. There were rumors that Pepsi did not commit suicide but she was killed to stop her from testifying in court. So after knowing that, the song is pretty much direct except for some parts like “itigil muna ang pag-ikot ng mundo”. We can interpret this part differently. It can mean that the victim wanted her oppressors to stop their manipulations or she was just too tired of everything that’s happening that she wanted the world to just stop.

    Pepsi was not able to receive justice. Until now, there is no closure to her case. And whether Vic and Joey were guilty, no one can prove it.

    I assume Ely Buendia, who wrote the song, learned about Pepsi’s misery when he was still in the university. Maybe for him, even if Pepsi was not able to testify, the song would speak out the truth.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    wow. O.O I never knew that!!
    Can I post this in a new post with your name? I LOVE YOU! this is an awesome piece of information!!

  3. Janzy Says:

    The other one was Richie d’ Horsie.

  4. adrian Says:

    about san juan, i think it could also be that San Juan which is a brand of beer from Peru… it actually looks golden, thus “gintong alak”…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hrmm I’ve been searching around the internet.. apparently this pepsi paloma joey thing is quite known.

  6. Jose R. Says:

    My Interpretation of the Spolarium painting (w.r.t. the song and Pepsi Paloma) was more about asking justice for the crying lady. This could be the wife of the fallen gladiator. I just saw the painting in Wikipedia, though the attention is drawn to the dead gladiator being dragged, if one looks on the right side, there is a lady in green who appear to be crying.

    We all know the influence of Vic & Joey, their power is represented by the gladiator, however the irony is that the Gladiator was dead in “Spolarium”; the giants (Vic & Joey) are still alive, yet Pepsi is dead. So Justice will never be served…

    • Ideal Bodega Says:

      Well, the painting of Juan Luna which is the Spoliarium refers to the death of freedom or the lost hope of a country for liberty because of repression. This coincides to the absence of justice in the case of PEPSI PALOMA.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    um.. that’s not the story behind the song.

  8. Karin Araneta Says:

    Pardon me for saying this but your English translation of the song is just really bad (i.e. di ko na masasakyan //I’ll never be riding it, etc.???). That said, you’re right about what Spoliarium is. The song was entitled as such because that is how E (and almost everyone else who was there that night, except me since I did not get intoxicated), well, “felt” on the evening when this all happened.

    Yes, the setting was in San Juan. A condo in San Juan, to be specific. On the 11th floor.

    Enteng was one of the Eraserheads roadies that time; Joey a.k.a. Cowpunk, a classmate of Raims, was a member of the Eraserheads posse. So, no, this has no reference whatsoever to (Tito) Vic or Joey. And most especially Pepsi Paloma. I’m appalled that, as “Gold” said, this is what professors in UP are spreading. I hope they stop.

    The song is more literal than you think. I guess everyone is just used to the Eheads always being cryptic in their songs, so when a literal song is finally written people can’t help but search for hidden meaning. Unfortunately in this particular song, there is none.


    “Gintong alak” is Goldschläger, very strong Italian cinnamon schnapps which is one of the culprits for the intoxication that evening.

  9. Karin Araneta Says:

    Here, read this: http://karinaraneta.multiply.com/journal/item/228

  10. triciarey Says:

    When I read this, I immediately remembered Ms. Karin Araneta’s blog entry in Multiply. Read it! : http://karinaraneta.multiply.com/journal/item/228/Spoliarium_re-visited

  11. Richmond Says:

    wo oh!… ive neve knew bwt this!.. i only know bwt the meaning of this spolarium by eheads is all about drinking lots of liquor its all about drunkiness!…

  12. chesterforever Says:

    spoliarium yun kasi sa unang tingin, mukha yung suka.. Subukan nyong maglasing at sumuka sa sahig. dahil sa perception nyo at kahiluhan, yan na!! Spoliarium na.. AYUN YUN

  13. Ravishing Rick Rude Says:

    Wow. Ely should sing this in Eat Bulaga.

  14. ELYsi Says:

    @ ravishing… lol

  15. Butik Online Says:

    Butik Online jakarta…

    […]Spolarium, by Eraserheads « HIMSAL Filipino Song Translation[…]…

  16. machinehead Says:

    It could be true, we’ll never know. She can say what ever she like. No offense Ms. Karin. Pwede rin kasi kayo magmalinis para di masangkot sa kaso.

  17. rixbajns Says:

    di po ata naintindihan ni machinehead ung cnsbi n karin… eheads’ drinking session.. not vic and joey de leon’s
    kc panung pwdeng mgmalinis?? panu mssangkot s kaso? hehehe

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Pepsi Paloma

    “labing isang palapag” -Unit 1108 of a condo in San Juan

    “gintong alak diyan sa paligid mo?” -Goldshlagger: a hot cinnamon schnapps drink infused with pure 23k gold flakes…that got everyone wasted!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    grabe naman.. un pla un..n0w i understand..

  20. DJ Says:

    My father told me that Spoliarium is a Filipino slang term for ‘sperm.’ He grew up on the streets so I believe it, but I dunno. Maybe he’s wrong? But judging by the story behind the song, it makes sense. *shrugs* Just my two cents. :) Anyway, we were listening to that song when he brought it up.

  21. Ahc Says:

    Spoliarium is an Eraserheads song included in the Sticker Happy album. The album was released sometime between 1996 -when I first met and got to “hang out” with Ely, Marcus, and others (like Enteng and Joey Cowpunk) and 1998 -when I came to manage the band. I didn’t know this song existed till my attention was called to it. The song was released as a single eventually when I was already managing the band, which felt really strange for me.

    A lot of people like this song but don’t really understand it. Others think they do. People think there are hidden meanings beind these words when, actually, the song is quite literal; a narration, almost.

    Well, I was there that night. So I’ve decided to finally let others in on the not-so-“secret” that is Spoliarium.

    dumilim ang paligid
    may tumawag sa pangalan ko -XXXX called out to E
    labing isang palapag -Unit 1108 of a condo in San Juan
    tinanong kung okey lang ako -XXXX and I had the habit of asking people “Ok ka lang?”
    sabay abot ng baso -inuman session kasi
    may naghihintay
    at bakit ba ‘pag nagsawa na ako
    biglang ayoko na
    at ngayon
    di pa rin alam
    kung ba’t tayo nandito
    puwede bang itigil muna
    ang pag-ikot ng mundo
    lumiwanag ang buwan -we stayed up till Sunrise; in fact, everyone (except me and XXXX) were so wasted that they ended up crashing there that night (oh, except pala for Joey whom I distinctly remember excused himself “bago gumising anak ko”)
    san juan
    di ko na nasasakyan
    ang lahat ng bagay ay
    gumuguhit na lang
    sa ‘king lalamunan
    ewan mo at ewan natin
    sinong may pakana?
    at bakit ba
    tumilapon ang
    gintong alak diyan sa paligid mo? -Goldshlagger: a hot cinnamon schnapps drink infused with pure 23k gold flakes…that got everyone wasted!
    at ngayon
    di pa rin alam
    kung ba’t tayo nandito
    puwede bang itigil muna
    ang pag-ikot ng mundo
    umiyak ang umaga
    anong sinulat ni enteng at joey diyan
    sa pintong salamin -Enteng and Joey had written “Eleandre” (E’s real name) using their fingers on the misty glass door of the balcony
    di ko na mabasa
    pagkat merong nagbura -actually I don’t think anyone really erased it; when the weather got warmer I think it just got erased
    ewan ko at ewan natin
    sinong nagpakana?
    at bakit ba tumilapon ang spoliarium
    diyan sa paligid mo? -see photo: this is how they all looked, w-a-s-t-e-d!
    at ngayon
    di pa rin alam
    kung ba’t tayo nandito
    puwede bang itigil muna
    ang pag-ikot ng mundo

    • dedumaop@yahoo.com Says:

      But if your E is Ely B.,,,then it’s a fake because Eleandre was not his name.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I wonder, if i may ask whats the idea of the mtv theyve made for the song. Its either too deep that i dont understand the connection of the vid to the song or they cant think of any scenario that would perfectly fit to the song?

  22. Reverse Forward: The Teban A. Report… in Defense of Tito Sotto « So, What's News? Says:

    […] with that I leave you with Spoliarium by Eraserheads. Justice for Pepsi.) Rate this:Share […]

  23. Ellryx Olleb Says:

    got it :)

  24. numbers1428 Says:

    Im ElYandre

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t care how many people they have helped. If accusation are true then they must pay for it. Justice for Paloma. Tito Sen is douchebag.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    so why there is a girl in the original music video?????? what does the girl represent in the inuman session of the “eraserheads”???
    It’s paloma son of a bitch!!!!
    justice for her!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      The girl was Karina.. There was a woman during the drinking session who eventually became their manager.. Read the entire thread of comments..

  27. Anonymous Says:

    The heck..

  28. Anonymous Says:

    1982 napabalita na narape si pepsi.. After nun sunud-sunod ang pelikula niA.. Until 1985 nakita syang patay sa loob ng kwarto nia..

    Then 1996 ginawa ni elly- e heads ung kanta…

    Nung connect?!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Si Eleandre Basiño Buendia, mas kilala bilang Ely Buendia, at minsang binansagang, Jesus “Dizzy” Ventura, (ipinanganak Nobyembre 2, 1970)

  30. Barbie Says:

    i think, the first comment (from gold says) says it all.

  31. Jaime Lipup Menor Says:

    Ang nagpauso ng kalokohan na yan ay isang “henyo” na ikinonekta yung lyrics na “Enteng At Joey” sa mga Eat Bulaga hosts..ang hindi niya alam ang lyrics na “anong sinulat ni Enteng at Joey dyan?” ay tungkol sa Roadie ng Heads na si Enteng Villasanta at tropa nilang si Joey “cowpunk” Nadera. Ang Spoliarium ay tungkol sa isang drinking session. yun lang. Urban Legend lang ang koneksiyon nyan sa Pepsi Paloma Case. .MAS NANINIWALA AKO KAY KARIN ARANETA.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    ahaha, simple lng pala meaning ng kanta na toh… uminom sila ng “gintong alak” kaya sabog silang lahat, parang Spoliarium… hinahatak na lng kasi hindi na makatayo, just my opinion

  33. Anonymous Says:

    My prof told us the real thing about this.
    Binase po kasi ni ely sa spoliarium ni juan luna tong kantang to wherein yung mga dead gladiators na hinihila ang pinapakita. Pag po kasi dead gladiator ka, nwawlan ka na ng dangal. Ito po ay nirelate ni ely sa mga nangyayari sa tuwing nagiinom tayo. na parang tinatanggalan na natin ng dangal ang sarili natin sa sobrang pagiinom tulad ng sa dead gladiators. At opo. may relasyon din po ito sa kaso ni pepsi paloma.. isa pa po, di ba sa last part, pinapaulit-ulit yung ang mundo. parang pag lasing na tayo, parang hilo na. ganun po. :)

    • ahmad_farut Says:

      ^ ay nako. DATING ROAD MANAGER NA NG EHEADS NAGSABI, NAGCOMMENT PA. andun ba prof mo? mali lang pag-analyze ng nagmamagaling mong professor. walang relasyon. nada. sorry to ruin your illusion pero wala talaga. stop over-analyzing or assuming things.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    hahahah! well said.. pwede nmn lahat ng comment nyo.. but the point is.. the thruth behind everything.. sabihin ntn its about the painting.. pero bakit PWEDE din about don sa rape case??? tama?? try to analize it.. pwede naman eh.. bkit sumakto pa.. hahahah

  35. Barbie Games What's hot today Says:

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  36. knivez_favor Says:

    ang gintong alak ay red horse……kc silver ang gin eh… at tlgang lasingan lng to…. kung na-experience nyo n tlga ung ganyang amats….

  37. Baluga Says:

    those UP profs who have been explaining the meaning of the song must be drunk, hullucinating and making pasikat. The students then believe kase nga “magagaling” daw sila at iskolar ng bayan. In a university where everything seems to be “accepted” in the name of “freedom”, this really happens. Hay Pinoy!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    eh baket pakana at may nag bura damn!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Omg i didn’t know the story behind this song but not until you posted this one, this one is indeed an awesome piece of information, i am so dissapointed because i , my self somehow idolize T/V/J but… sigh…

  39. Anonymous Says:

    MABUTI PA…ITANONG NU KAY ELY…YUNG WAG NA PATUMPIK-TUMPIK PA….ang lalabo nu lahat…sa pilipinas lng naman si ely ah…puntahan nu sa sa bahay nya at MAG SPOLARIUM kayu…

    o anu nangyari kay BONG…na espolarium….

    • mj Says:

      oo nga. nkakagulat tong balitang 2.. am having goosebumps reading diz article..
      hindi q na naabutan tong sexy star named pepsi. but d three accused.. cno ba nmang di nkakakilala sa knila lalo n ung dalawang sikat na nbanggit..
      i have no against whom.. ang akin lng e sana mkamit ang hustisyang hinahangad ng kung sino ang tunay na biktima..

  40. nukos Says:

    hmp mesteryuso tong kanta na to!! haah

  41. Concern Citizen Says:

    Ang sa aking opinion connected man o coincident lang kantang to sa Care ng Pepsi Paloma Rape is ang point is meron pa kayang mag lakas ng loob na buksan ang kaso sa Pepsi Paloma Rape case? Nasan na kaya ang pamilya ni Pepsi Paloma? Buhay pa kaya sila at may sa iipin pa ba sila na buksan ang kaso uang mag try na mabigyan ng hustisya ang casa ni Paloma. Upang sa ganoon ma karoon ng hustisya at mag bayad ang mga sangkot sa case na to. Narinig ko na ito bata pa lang ako na rinig kuna itong usaping ito. d nga lang at ma implowensya ang mga sangkot sa usaping ito. Sad to say pro like most of ppol here who commented is 1 rin ako sa fan ng T/ V / J. Pro who cares kung avid fan me ang importante managot sila dba?

  42. Concern Citizen Says:

    May narinig pa ako na may iba pa silang ni rape non. Nakakainis kc ginagamit nila ang impluwensya nila sa maling gawa. If ever true un nag lilinis na ng budhi si Tito Sen. Kaya panay ang pag tulong sa pag papalakad ng Scholarhip sa kung saan saan. :(

  43. mj Says:

    OMG! if this is true…then they’re like Devils in Disguise.. O_o
    tsk, tsk, tsk…

  44. Ant11 Says:

    Ilang taong thread of comments, nakakatuwang basahin. Haha
    Spolarium nga!

  45. Anonymous Says:

    They are indeed Devils in disguise… conspiracies….. maraming lihim ang masyadong mabait at masyadong komedyanteng tao kesa sa tahimik na tao…

  46. Makoimakaluluoi Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this…thanks for all who put their comment here…marami tuloy akong natutunan… “rock on eheads!!

  47. victor Says:

    What a healthy convo, just keep rockin and rollin.

  48. ely Says:

    Kung hndi cla Vic sotto, joey de Leon, at Richie d horsie ang my pakana?? Bakit cla ngpublic apology?? At imamin nila ang knilang ginawa..

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Lalabas din ang katotohanan sa kabila ng madaming taon na lumipas, pepsi paloma kw lang ang tunay na may alam sa lahat.wag lang bibitaw, sumalangit nawa kaluluwa mo paloma isa kang alamat pagdating sa television.

  50. Clowrid Says:

    Haha sarap magbasa ng mga threads. basta ako Rakenrol lang ^_^ astig talaga ni idol Ely Buendia, biruin mo, dahil sa kanta, nagkaron na ng samut-saring opinion tungkol sa mga bagay-bagay na pangyayari, ..
    You Rocks dude.. ^_^

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