The Company, Muntik na Kitang Minahal

I decided I should start with my personal favourite from that brilliant group hailing from me alma mater (nope not Eraserheads.) Haunting the OPM music scene for more than 20 years, they’ve grown old but their songs have proved to be nothing but timeless. This bittersweet piece has been covered by many artists (Erik Santos, Aiza Seguerra, Carol Banawa), and the company itself even produced two versions. However the appeal lies in the simple lyrics and soothing melody.

My friend once told me that this song aptly describes one of the tragedies of budding relationships, and proves (this friend is a man) how silly some girls could be. Here’s a link to the song


Muntik na Kitang Minahal

Music and Lyrics by: The Company

May sikreto ako
Sasabihin sa’yo
Mayroong nangyaring hindi mo alam
Ito’y isang lihim itinagong kay tagal
Muntik na kitang minahal

I have a secret I wish to tell
Something happened that you never found out
It’s a secret I’ve hidden for a very long time…
I almost loved you ***

Di ko noon nakayang
Ipadama sa’yo
Ang nararamdaman
Ng pusong ito
At hanggang ngayon
Ay naaalala pa
Muntik na kitang minahal

I never could try
to express to you then
all that my heart felt for you
and up to now, I still remember
How I almost loved you

Ngayon ay aaminin ko na
Na sana nga ay tayong dalawa
Bawa’t tanong mo’y iniwasan ko
Akala ang pagibig mo ay di totoo
Di ko alam kung anong nangyari
Damdamin ko sayo’y di ko nasabi
Hanggang ang puso mo’y napagod
Sa paghihintay
Kay tagal
Saka ko lang naisip muntik na kitang minahal

And now I do confess
How I wished there was the two of us
Every questions of yours I evaded
Because I thought that your love was untrue
And I don’t know what happened
My emotions were left unsaid
Until your heart grew weary
Of waiting
Such a long long time
And only then did I realize
I almost loved you



Hangang ang puso mo’y napagod
Sa paghihintay
Kay tagal…
Saka ko lang naisip
Muntik na kitang Minahal

Until your heart grew weary
Of Waiting
Such a long long time
And then I realized
I almost loved you


***The phrase “muntik na kitang minahal” could convey a lot. The literal translation of the title was that “I almost loved you” But it could also mean other things. Actually, I was initially confused about the song. Did the singer mean that she almost loved him. Or did the words mean that she loved him, but never said it, and therefore they almost became lovers. OR something like that. Anyone please clarify for me.

Another, I’d like to clarify that this could apply to both girls or boys. (especially to my friend *rawr*) Boys could be just as stupid. Sadly this is how it goes for some people I know. Love here isn’t as well-spoken or as straightforward, because we don’t have that characteristic western bluntness. (aka. “I love you. Do you love me back?” then cinematic push on the wall and make out) and we often rely on other methods of knowing.

Sadly, bashfullness could lead to this result. Well I wish I could relate. My ex dumped me hahaha


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  4. Georgina Gaddi Says:

    melodramatic song…I LOVE IT!!!

  5. Georgina Gaddi Says:

    Can u send the song thru mobile? I really love have it as my ringtone

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